Total Body Support 

1. World-class workout facilities
Along with classic free-weights, we proudly feature state-of-the-art equipment from Torgeson Isometrix

2. Full-service spa
When your body needs stress relief, spend an hour in our spa and you'll be a new person. 

3. Meditation and Yoga
Feed your mind and heal your body with our meditation and yoga classes. 

  Our classes are designed to be highly effective but also 
  FUN! We offer a lot of variety and each class can be 
  modified for any fitness level. Our instructors are highly
  trained/certified and able to work with you at your own 

  - single workout/drop in $10 
  - monthly punch card - $8 per class
    UNLIMITED PASS - $69/month 


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                                          or email

Changes in schedule for 3/13 - 3/22 due to instructor vacation.
 Normal schedule resumes 3/23.
 Aimee teaching all except Sat. 3/18 (Linda teaching!)
 Mon. 3/13 
 8:15am kickboxing 45 min.
 9:05am Zumba plus strength(last 15 min.) 60 min.
 6:45pm Zumba/fusion
 Tues. 3/14
 Normal Tues. schedule- see below in black
 Wed. 3/15
 8:30am Pilates/stretch 60 min.
 9:40am Zumba plus Zumba Toning 55 min.
 7:05pm Strong nation/kickbox fusion 50 min.
 Thurs. 3/16
 Normal Thurs. schedule - see below in black
 Fri. 3/17
 9:00am Zumba plus strength(last 15 min) 
Sat. 3/18
 Linda visiting/teaching! 9:00 am Zumba!

 *Mon 3/20 - Wed. 3/22 same as above
 Thurs resumes normal schedule!

 8:15am kickboxing/core 40 min. Aimee
 9:00am Zumba/strength Fusion 45 min Aimee
 9:50am ZUMBA  45 min. Pam
 6:45pm Zumba/strength Fusion 55 min Aimee

 8:30am STRONG NATION  60 min. Aimee
 9:35am BARRE 55 min. Aimee 

 8:30am PILATES,PULSE and FLOW 60 min. Aimee
  *last 15 min. of this class is a focus on stretching
 9:35am ZUMBA 55 min. Gail
 7:00pm STRONG NATION 45 min. Aimee

 8:30am STRONG NATION - 55 min. Aimee
 9:35am BARRE/STRETCH - 55 min  Pam  

 8:30am Zumba/strength Fusion 55 min. Aimee
 9:35am ZUMBA - 55 min. Pam

 9:00am ZUMBA - 55 min. rotating instructors 

* FUSION is a FULL BODY workout that combines cardio (Zumba) and strength and core in rotating segments through out the class.

*BARRE is a full body toning and strength class using full range and small isolated movements. Light/medium weights and body weight moves are used. Short cardio bursts (low impact/no jumping) through out the class, are used to raise the heart rate. 

*STRONG NATION is a full body HIIT style workout that utilizes body weight, traditional fitness movements such as push ups, mountain climbers, planks, kickboxing combos etc, along with agility/balance training, A balanced cardio/strength workout with a heavy focus on core and functional movement patterns.