What our participants are saying ...

Like many moms, I didn't make myself a priority for a number of years.   Life kept me busy.   In the summer of 2008, my family moved to Grand Rapids, I first met Aimee that summer and the rest is history.  I have always loved music and dance.  What could be better than Zumba!  An excerise that combines them both and throws in a lot of fun along the way was perfect for me.  I love Zumba and Aimee is an incredible instructor.  She is supportive and truly enjoys sharing her passion for exercise and health with each of us.  Zumba class has become a priority to me and I feel better with each week that passes.   Zumba is great for me physically and provides me stress relief in the process.  Come and join the party - you won't regret it! 
-Tiffany Snyder

(The following is an email from Rebecca Helmus)
I just wanted to let you know what a great job you're doing at Rhythm Fitness.  The classes you offer are great.  In the last few months, I have had so many people commenting on my weight since I've had the twins and asking me what I do to stay in shape.  Many of them think I'm working out every day and are shocked to hear that I usually only do two one hour workouts (mostly at Rhythm) per week along with one shorter workout on my own at home.  I've always been an active person, but I am in better shape than I have been since high school sports :) and am back into sizes I never thought I'd be in after having my twins.   The classes you offer have helped me not only physically, but keep me sane mentally, and give me the energy to deal with my 4 young kids and chase around two toddlers all day long.  So, thank you!!! 

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Our goal is that every person that walks in the door of our studio feel welcome and that every class we offer is FUN AND EFFECTIVE!!! We want to help you achieve your fitness goals and we will give you encouragement every step of the way.