Our classes are designed for all fitness levels. They are instructed so that everyone can work at their own pace. We have marathon runners and we have participants that are brand new to fitness in our classes, and we encourage everyone to work at their own level. We offer punch cards so everyone can try a variety of classes.

    ZUMBA – Dance fitness based class with easy to follow moves based on Latin and international music/dances – salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, hip hop etc.- designated Zumba classes also offer a separate mini strength and core segment within the class hour (at the end of Zumba)

STRONG NATION – High intensity interval training, focusing on total body fitness. Cardio intervals as well as strength/core training using body weight moves. 

BARRE – full body workout using small isometric movements to challenge and shape muscles. Pilates principles also used to develop a strong core and long lean muscles. We use balls, bands, body weight and light/medium weights in this class.

FUSION - This is a combo class of Zumba and strength/core training. The format of the class is intervals of Zumba (2 to 3 songs) and strength segments (7-10 min.) that rotate through the 55 min. class.

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